The ZeroCO2 Program

Today, commitment to the environment is a new trend in marketing. Environmental consciousness distinguishes your company in a very special way from other market participants. It widely enhances the reputation of your brand and company, improves customer loyalty, brand loyalty and it also opens new market opportunities for you!

However, the ZeroCO2 Program offers much more! Not only beneficial for the environment and gives your company an edge in communication, but it also provides financial advantages!

These are the things that make it unique and sustainable!

Innovation in Environmental Protection


Innovation in Environmental Protection

Support a green project and in exchange we will plant trees on your behalf, which will produce two things for you: oxygen and money. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Find out more about our program on this website!

How does it work?

We give you the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of your business (or your product, event, etc.) safely and easily by supporting green projects. In exchange for that support, you can join our special tree planting program, which helps to turn your environmental costs into green profit. The more support you give, the more trees you will get free of charge, and the more profit it will bring you in our program.

Carbon offsetting

Our team of experts will calculate the carbon footprint of your company, which gives you accurate information about your company’s Greenhouse Gas (or your product’s) emissions: that is how big your carbon footprint is. You can use the results of this assessment as base values to figure out how much your support should be. The online carbon calculator we use to measure your carbon footprint is the first in the world to have been certified by the independent accreditation agency Bureau Veritas. It gives you a guarantees that our assessment is both credible and factual.

In the carbon offsetting process, you can support green projects (wind, hydro and solar power initiatives or eco-friendly farms) to the extent of your emissions (which is your carbon footprint). In our program, carbon offsetting can be done quickly, transparently and safely.

Benefits of carbon offsetting

It makes your company stand out from the competition and you gain a competitive advantage in your sector.

You have a better chance to be chosen as a preferred supplier by major EU companies.

You can build stable, long-term partnerships based on sustainability as common ground.

How will you benefit from the tree planting program?

If you decide to offset the environmental impact of your operation and join the ZeroCO2 Program, you can participate in our tree planting initiative. By doing so, in exchange for the money spent on supporting green projects today, we will give you the opportunity to get a 4x return. How is this possible? By enrolling you in our Oxyprogram free of charge. We undertake to plant the saplings for you, take care of your trees, and then harvest them. In case you decide to plant the saplings and then take care of your plantation yourself, you can even double your profit! Either way, we will sell the wood for you and share the profit with you!

Visiting our Oxytree plantation in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary in 2015
In this video, Mr. András Pillmayer, our Oxyprogram gardener tells about the results achieved in our plantation in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary. We planted 540 Oxytrees in July 2014, and the video was made almost one year later by which time some trees had already surpassed a height of 4 m. In this video, we will also show you why the trees started to grow so fast. For more information, visit
Visiting Oxytree plantation (Csemő, Hungary) in September
Within the framework of the Oxyprogram, our staff regularly visit our Oxytree plantations. During their September visit to the Csemő plantation, we asked our wood industry engineer, Mr. Norbert Bittera about the saplings there. In the video, you can see the significant difference in development caused by a few weeks' difference in planting date. To switch on English subtitles, please click on the Subtitle/CC button.
Planting Oxytrees – Ócsa, Hungary, 2015
In the summer of 2015, a 17-hectare plantation was installed next to Ócsa. This time, both the heavens and Oxyprogram participants helped us install the plantation. To show you the technical details of the installation, we created a short video which contains information you cannot find anywhere else. To switch on English subtitles, please click on the Subtitle/CC button.
Planting Oxytrees in Újvárfalva, Hungary in 2015
We established a wonderful Oxytree plantation in Hungary (more specifically in Újvárfalva) thanks to Oxyprogram in the summer of 2015. We planted more than 5000 oxytree saplings in a 10-hectare field. In this video, you can follow the main steps of the formation of the plantation, moreover, you can get to know the two secrets of how the Oxytree grows perfectly!
Oxytree progress report - Summer 2015
We are proud to report that year 2015 is the first milestone in a series of successful events in the history of the Oxytree and the Oxyprogram. Thanks to staff members and experts on the Oxytree team, we are progressing as planned to reach this year’s target, which is to plant 215,000 trees. Watch this video and get first-hand information about the results from Oxytree Planting Project Manager Czenthe Sarolta in June 2015.
More on Oxytree

What makes this program unique is that it offers a sustainable concept for your environmental strategy!

The OXYTREE generates profit for you, which not only covers the cost of purchasing your carbon offsets but also brings multiple

More on Oxytree

Why the OXYTREE?

The uniqueness of the OXYTREE lies in its fast growth which is almost 10 times faster than that of native tree species!
  • It grows extremely rapidly so it produces a significant amount of timber after just a short time. Its wood is a high-quality, sought-after industrial raw material! This guarantees the return!
  • It needs a large amount of carbon dioxide to grow fast, so it can produce huge amounts of oxygen during its growth! This is what makes its effect on the environment so extraordinary.


  • as it reaches its full height within 6 years, it can be harvested soon;
  • after being cut down it re-grows, which means that it produces timber several times;
  • after the first harvest it grows even faster, and then can be extracted as often as every four years;
  • therefore, during its lifespan it produces about four times more timber than any other native tree species;
  • it is non-invasive so it doesn’t endanger native to the contrary, it is the perfect economic alternative to them!

Benefits of the tree planting program

From a CSR and communication perspective, it carries an excellent message.

It is the best thing you can do to protect the environment in the eyes of your target group.

You can take a big step towards a clean environment which will bring you financial gain in the long term!
More on Oxytree

The Oxytree (Paulownia Clon in Vitro 112) is your best choice; and not only because of the environment but also from an economic point of view.

Learn about the beneficial properties and numerous utilisation opportunities of the Oxytree.

More on Oxytree

Our certifications

zeroco2-icon_BVCSG’s carbon offsetting system is the first in the world to have been certified by the renowned, independent, international auditing agency Bureau Veritas..This certification means maximum safety, transparency and traceability.

To view the certificate please click here!

KPMG’s Hungarian member firm, KPMG Tanácsadó Kft. has reviewed the planting sites and the registration system of the Oxytree plantations, and concluded that the allocated plant numbers are based on true and existing Oxytree plants and are not allocated repeteadly.

To view the certificate please click here!


  • It’s in your best interest to create a clean and liveable environment.

  • You can support green projects which have a positive effect on the environment globally.

  • Tree planting is an easy-to-communicate and positive message!

  • You stand out from the competition.

  • Send out the right message about Brand.

  • Customer loyalty and trust in your business.

  • You can reach a new target audience – eco-conscious customers.

  • Our program is sustainable, as it brings a good return on investment!

Fair trademark system

Thanks to our trademark, you can clearly express your commitment to environmentalism.

In our program, businesses support environmental protection to the extent they have caused harm. This is a unique opportunity not only for multinational corporations, but also for SMEs.

The ZeroCO2 trademark


The ZeroCO2 trademark

This certification can be obtained by businesses that have proved their environmental responsibility by offsetting their environmental impact completely.

What we offer

  • reliable carbon footprint assessment,
  • carbon footprint reports prepared by experts,
  • detailed carbon footprint analysis,
  • online administration via client portal,
  • carbon offsetting certificate issued to your name,
  • license to use our ZeroCO2 trademark,
  • easy-to-use communication guide,
  • personalised communication consultancy,
  • opportunity to join the Oxyprogram.


"Carbon neutrality will gain particular importance in every sector of industry, especially the car industry in the next few years. This will happen not only due to the expected international regulations, but also due to the changes in consumer demand. The early birds that lead the way can gain competitive advantage. Environmental responsibility will bring measurable financial benefits."

"At the beginning, we just hoped that this might be the right direction. However, within just a short period of time, as we began to communicate our carbon neutrality, almost immediately everything went crazy! Clients flooded our offices. Both old and new ones. We did not realise then that environmental awareness was so powerful. It is now rock and roll, 365 days a year, literally!"

"In our case, our ZeroCO2 certification means tangible business benefits as well, right now in present time! Today, it is becoming more and more common that large companies carefully select contractors that are environmentally conscious. By being carbon neutral, we can easily meet this condition every year. Therefore, our ZeroCO2 certification is important to us both from an environmental and a business perspective."

"The idea of sustainability is of extreme importance to us. We are actively involved in the dissemination of environmentally conscious thinking through our website called Klímablog (Climate Blog), by organizing the annual Sustainability Summit of Hungary, and recognising ethical companies by giving them the Business Ethics Award. We are pleased to grasp the opportunity to turn our website into a carbon neutral operation."


Do you have a question about our program? Ask us now and our colleagues will contact you within 48 hours!

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